Think you have what it takes to be a member of Relevant Youth? Have creative skills that we could put to use? Have big dreams for the future?  Check out the positions we have below. If you think we are missing one, let us know! We are willing to work with you.

Shoot your shot and apply at the link below!




Account managers are in charge of managing client teams in tandem with creative leads. They are strong leaders who are extremely organized and good with communicating with large groups of people. Prior leadership experience is recommended or skills that will contribute to the success of the team this person oversees. 



This position is responsible for writing creative text for any use on client teams, including blog posts, socials, online magazine articles and more. This person needs a strong command of grammar while staying true to the Relevant Youth voice. We also welcome those interested in editing. 


Creative leads are responsible for managing the creative visuals needed for client teams. This means overseeing photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and other creatives on the client teams. Strong leadership and a good visual eye is necessary for this position.


We expect graphic designers to have a high level of creativity to build graphics needed for different platforms and clients. This position requires a strong sense of artistry and modernity to connect with people through graphics. It is recommended you have a strong control of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 


Help us capture the moments important to clients and Relevant Youth. This person will have a strong sense of visual creativity and the ability to convey messages through imagery, both still and moving. Knowledge of editing programs is highly recommended.


A strategist is someone who will use key insights from our research to create a successful strategy for our client teams. They will share the responsibility of working for a client as well as being an integral part of our research and strategy department: RY Insight. A high level of critical thinking and some research experience are required. 


Researchers will work very closely with strategists to perform qualitative and quantitative research for both clients and internal projects. Some experience in primary research is required, and a strategic mindset is recommended. Researchers make up the core of the RY Insight team.


A public relations specialist works on improving our clients’ image, as well as our own, by strategically working with people to distribute information outside of the company. This person should be exceptional at communication, organization and strategy. Some previous relations experience is expected.


An events coordinator is a member of the experiential marketing team and plans executive bi-weekly RY Engage events, client events and community events. Engage events are the driving force behind the RY community and culture. This person is organized, detail-oriented, creative and an excellent communicator. They also work well with others.  Prior event planning experience is encouraged.

Student Testimonials

The innovative and creative environment that forces everyone outside their comfort zone and expands their expertise in some capacity.

That it is entirely student run, yet held to such high standards with the clients we work with. There is no other organization like this anywhere.

THE PEOPLE! I wouldn’t feel the way I do about RY if it wasn’t for the incredible people I share it with.

The real world opportunities it gives you. This isn’t just a campus organization, it’s a company. One with real clients and a team of creative youth.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience you can have in college.

It's something that will actually affect my future post-graduation.

RY gives students the tools to figure out what they want to do so they are confident when they enter the workforce. Many organizations could say that, but not in the same way RY can. If you see something you want to challenge yourself to try, there’s going to be someone who is excited to help you learn it in RY.

RY lets me make mistakes and lets me learn from them. There’s no punishment. It’s all about growing.

I feel like I am genuinely doing projects that will benefit my job search and making things that matter.