Conduct research 

. Depending on the need, we will work together to conduct primary and secondary research. We compile and analyze our findings to aid in our survey buildings and in forming our key takeaways. 

Build Surveys

The Insights team builds surveys using Qualtrics for RY's clients. We collaborate to structure questions, build the survey and analyze our results. We use these surveys as a way to better understand our clients' target audience. 

Track Analytics

Members of the team record data from social media background analytics to keep track of our overall engagement with different demographics of people. We also track analytics for RY campaigns and client teams. 

Present Takeaways 

After gathering our findings, we analyze them as a team. We translate our data into key takeaways that are easy to understand and inspire action. We understand that insight and creativity are the foundation for RY's strategy, so we focus our energy on providing concise, meaningful takeaways. 

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Shakespeare's Pizza Survey Results

In Spring 2021, our client, Shakespeare's Pizza wanted to know how to reach more college students. We created a survey for college students to get to know their preferences when eating out.