Evolving through Creativity

Written by Mary McCue Bell

At Relevant Youth, we strive to produce avant-garde work that connects with our clients, our team and our audience. In doing so, we want to change the educational scene of the advertising agency by bringing up-and-coming student creators into the professional world.

To enrich our newest members, the Internal Team made mood boards to describe the metaphoric and visual aspects of the RY brand. Everyone needed to ask the questions: “what gives our brand a name?” “What ideas do we want to materialize?” “What goals do we want to instill in our new members?” “When you close your eyes to picture RY, what image appears on the back of your eyelids?” Here’s what RY looks like through the lens of our members this season: captivating, bold, collaborative and fresh.

For Internal Strategist Maddie Hawes, the mini homework assignment to make a mood board evolved into a creative wonderland. Hawes snuggled into her living room couch late at night and went to town on her mood board (below). Hours were poured into scouring Pinterest for images that resonated with her while jamming to “Glamorous” by Fergie. Each time a pin was added into her collection, dozens more appeared that called her name. After about 216 images were put into her Pinterest board, Hawes turned in her assignment in the early morning hours.

We thrive through creativity, vulnerability and objective opinions. Making mood boards expanded perspectives; we learned to ask questions that help us evaluate what RY means to us. This semester will be an opportunity to turn over a new leaf of thinking creatively with 113 new members who will continuously be faced with tasks to further our mission.

A new semester is inspiring, and proves to be a clean slate for ambitious students who want fresh opportunities and unprecedented ideas. This semester will be just that. We will continuously evolve with every member–new and old–in pursuit of the kind of creative ideation that we are eager to make.

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